Our Process
No matter whether we are working with you on an online application, a server, or a magazine ad, every project by Corvus is implemented with our strategic turnkey process. We deliver what you need on time and on specification.


Developing a winning strategy starts with an internal analysis to provide a clear understanding of the objectives and direction of you. We identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats contained in your existing process and systems. We then study the external factors such as market conditions, expected conversion patterns of targeted customers, and major industry developments.

With this information in hand, we begin to categorize each group of potential customers into market segments, determining how to position our client to sell to each segment. Using our experience and vision, we utilize the internal factors, external factors, and market segmentation analysis to create a clear path to turn site visitors into customers.

By placing ourselves in the same position as your customers, we provide critiques on your existing process, adjusting the process if needed to create a user-friendly online experience with a high conversion rate. We specialize in getting your customers to do what you want them to do.

Corvus Consulting then looks to the technical requirements of the project. Some of the parameters we consider include flexibility, expansion, traffic levels, budget, and compatibility with legacy hardware and systems. Our relationship with several technical service providers gives you innovative solutions that are cost-effective. We educate our clients throughout the process, involving them in decision-making and expectations for the future.

Project Planning

The project plans developed for you by Corvus Consulting include scenarios allowing interaction, as well as placement diagrams allowing you to make adjustment prior to full scale production.

User Matrix and Definitions

Market segmentation allows us to create a “rights” matrix detailing the experience each type of user expects from your website. For example, you may have parts of your website that are only open to registered users, while other parts are accessible by everyone. Or you may choose to have different pricing schedules depending on customer loyalty. Corvus Consulting will create an online presence that caters to each type of user, maximizing sales conversions.

Information Architecture

Information architecture schematics enable you to visualize the placement of each design element, understanding the strategy behind the entire arrangement. Our layouts use simple boxes and tables to show where the various branding and design elements will be – a process known as grey-box design.

HTML Walkthroughs

An HTML Walkthrough shows you all of the functionality and flow of your website prior to programming and code development. Wireframes contain demonstrations of all processes including login, registration, and contact forms.

Search Engine Optimization Planning

You receive a thorough explanation of all of the factors needed to put you at the top of search engine lists. These factors include, but are not limited to, static-dynamic page generation, copywriting, link partnerships, URL re-write, page titles, keywords, and meta-tag development.

Production Processess


Creating an emotional connection between site visitors and your business helps you guide the identity, image, and perception your customers develop as a result of visiting your website. Our creative process uses client questionnaires, sketches, and even color palettes to determine the direction of your business image and set the tone for website design.


Corvus Consulting uses a unique online concept collaboration tool to manage changes, client feedback, and approval of our designs. Main and sectional designs will be presented via sketches, storyboards, and presentations, allowing you to have maximal input into the creative process. More complex projects may include the presentation of additional screens or custom landing pages.


Once the creative process is complete and you have approved all of the elements, our programming staff sets to work putting the intelligence behind the design. A development lead works directly with you while a whole team implements the functionality of the website. Extensive quality assurance and beta testing are included in the programming phase.


A big part of the advantage you get by hiring Corvus Consulting is the attention we give to user-friendliness. Our designers check your entire site for ease of understanding, readability, product identification, and navigation. We go the extra mile to engineer intuitive use into all of our website designs.

Quality Assurance

At Corvus Consulting, project testing includes an assessment of the stability, security, reliability, and functionality of your website. After our quality assurance team has finished its testing, your site will enter beta testing. During this phase, selected users including your test team will be given access to the site to make sure all needs and expectations are met. We will provide training and training manuals where necessary and can develop video tutorials to detail the project's operation.